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New York Coin Seminar Volume 12: Back To Workers

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New York Coin Seminar Volume 12: Back To Workers
New York Coin Seminar Volume 12: Back To Workers
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Volume 12 (BACK TO WORKERS), contains two hours of even more incredible material for the hobbyist and pro alike! Dr. Michael Rubinstein offers Time For Change, a purse spellbound routine with a surprise climax. Fuzzy Math takes the gadabout coins idea to a new level. Silver Extraction is so practical, it will make you take your old gaff out of the drawer, dust it off, and perform a winner! 

Mike Gallo comes to bat next, with two more amazing routines. Two Copper One Silver offers a new way to perform the classic routine, leaving you totally clean. Okito Transit, shows once again Mike's exceptional versatility with the Okito box, as he uses it in ways that will blow you away. 

David Roth continues with his amazing coin magic. He demonstrates and explains the McCarthy Hankerchief vanish. proving once again that there is gold hidden in the old books. Rip-O is also a forgotten trick for most magicians, but David's brilliant presentation brings it up to speed, and will quickly find its way back into the Worker's repertoire! 

Our special guests have contributed even MORE wonderful effects for this volume. Doug Brewer teaches Recaptivated, a wonderful routine to produce coins from your pen cap. Eric DeCamps explains another Worker Coins across. Icon Scotty York presents and explains one of his favorite bar tricks, Nickel Through the hand - Almost. Scott Robinson teaches Loose Change, a quickie with a penny and nickel that EVERYONE will do after watching it! Host Marc DeSouza closes out the set with Copper Silver My Way, a practical copper silver transposition with a lovely premise and the engaging DeSouza touch. 

But there's more! Our BONUS section contains a discussion of click passes by Rubinstein, two MORE eye opening bonus effects by Gallo, a performance of the Chanin TV coin production by Roth, and TWO MORE 
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